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The environmentally friendly way to recycle vehicles

E3 Autos pay cash for your old vehicles, car spares and automobilia

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My name is Neil and I have started this new venture as a full time business, with the hope that I can make it grow.
E3 Autos recycle old cars and parts. Sometimes good cars get crushed with perfectly reusable parts - I like to reuse these parts which is not only better for the environment but helps other people in the local and global community keep their cars on the road within their budgets.
I also buy vehicles in at a greater price than you would get from simply just weighing it in.

Based in Glastonbury and collecting cars from around Somerset, E3 Autos pay CASH upon collection of your car and endeavour to always give you MORE than scrap value.

Do you have an old car, any old parts, magazines or automobilia you would like to sell? Contact E3 Autos today on 07866 863468, (01458) 832717 or email neil@e3autos.co.uk.


Please contact us for enquiries.

07866 863468
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